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Locca Coffee

Main Idea

Analyzing all the other online coffee shops, we decided try another way - do not display in the catalog and on cards product packaging with coffee, and show the taste itself. If this is coffee with notes chocolate, then the image, respectively, should be in the form of a photo chocolate, not packaging.

Food Photoset

For higher quality images, food photography was performed in a professional studio, with the preparation and processing of the material assisted by a food stylist. The photos came out even more than, especially considering that this is in fact the face of the product and the site.

Coffee for You

For your convenience, we have divided coffee flavors into several colors. On each coffee card in the catalog, you may notice a color mark. Each color represents the basic notes of the coffee flavor.

For example: purple is a rich flavor based on dark fruits and berries. Can combine wine and dried fruit aromas, including plum, port or grape.

Purchase optimization

We have formed the optimal customer route for a convenient purchase of the product. The catalog is a grid of products with the image of the main taste, and inside the product card you can select the desired grinding, weight and quantity.

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