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New York Cleaning


We have developed a service for ordering cleanings online with autocalculation of the optimal routes for cleaners based on AI. The system takes into account traffic jams, the current set of cleaning tools and their total occupancy.

Ultimately, this allowed the cleaners to optimize their work, increase the number of cleanings per day and, as a result, the overall profit of the company.

Welcome pose

Pose used when calculating cleaning

Design should
be interesting

Purity in design, coupled with the use of a branded mascot, will not leave anyone indifferent and immerses the user in the general atmosphere.


The calculation of the price occurs according to many criteria in several steps. For example - the number of rooms and bathrooms, the choice of a particular cleaner, additional services.

All these criteria are taken into account by artificial intelligence to organize the routes of cleaners.

Every element
made with love

Funny company mascot

Additional illustrations

Many designed screens

Advanced payment options

Special branding

An extensive branding kit was also developed for the service. The mascot permeates every part of the brand and is the main face of the company. We have created a design for business cards, doorhanger, internal and external documents and other stationery.

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